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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Nothing is real everything is permitted

This will NOT be a post about JOB, but a post about JOY...

About the small things in life that give us joy even in bad days..

On Sunday we went grocery shopping at the mall (thank you God that in Rome everything is open on Sunday) and we stopped in a used game shop. Fren bought one game for me (Assassins Creed), one for him (don't remember what) and one for us (Army of Two).

I like to play video games, I always had, since Tomb Rider came out.. but when I started to work I suddenly stopped, due to a lot of things I want to do.. Actually I think I remember the day I stopped. It was the day when I bought guitar hero for my wii, and realized that with all the time that I was spending at the time I could actually learn to play guitar.. And I sold my guitar hero kit and bought a real guitar, a red Fender Stratocaster and decided to take classes.. So I pud aside games and did other things for a while (like two years) until yesterday.. I have spent 4 hr playing Assassins Creed.. and totally loved it! I forgot how was good to play.. and how my neck reacts to the stiff position..

I particularly loved the motto of the game: NOTHING IS REAL, EVERYTHING IS PERMITTED.. I think I will make this my own motto, but with a variation


Seems like a lot similar to my philosophy!

Beside my joy in playing games, any one get disturbed sleep after a lot of time in front of a game, or it is just me?

Monday, November 18, 2013

again about job

All my life now is involved in getting a new job. SOON.

I hope that my experience of losing my job will be helpful for other people in the same situation..

I really have a job, that starts in two and a half weeks, BUT

  1. it takes an hour to get there
  2. they pay me the half of what I earn now (and it is not so much)
  3. work time seems to be from 9 to 8 (whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat???)
BUT  (again) it is better that nothing, with this I will pay the rent, and the money to get there. So I have this two weeks to find a new life-friendly position.

So this was/is my plan

  1. Believe I can find something better in a short time (really believe it)
  2. Let go my negative thinking to keep enthusiastic and motivated
  3. Send resume (a LOT), like 6 a day
  4. Call the companies I want to work to and ask if they need someone (all of them)
  5. Ask to everyone if they know about new job positions for my work experience.
I will keep you updated....


Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Coaching my self: what I want in a new job

I went to a coach once.. I was on the bottom of my life.. I was miserable.. She helped me a great deal. I am grateful for her... She gave me a lot of good tools. I am not ready to share this, but I was suffering a big deal of pressure from my family and I carried a lot of anxiety. She helped me to overcome my situation and to solve things by my self. Independently.

So I am going to coach my self now.. about founding a new job.

they say that to get the perfect result you have to know what you want..

What I want in a JOB?

            • near home, easy to arrive   
      • well payed: > 1,000 Euros Net 
    • good job, good people
  • no more that 8hr in a work week


they say that in order to have what you want you must believe that is doable

Is this doable?

I believe that is doable because I already got this EVERYTIME...Every time I had a job it more or less had this requirement.. BUT

I think that good jobs are always demanding...
so I think that I would like a good job that inspires me but I don't want it to be too demanding, too far away... and I am thinking that I am too choosy and because of this I will have or a good job with ridiculous time amount of work or a near home, life friendly mundane job where my abilities are underemployed...

they say that your reality mirrors your beliefs...

so I want to change this last belief in "It is totally possible to find a time friendly-nearhome-well payed - amazing job!" 

Monday, November 11, 2013

life changing days

Sometimes in life you feel safe, you think you have found your peace of mind.. you have your job, you start to write your book, you have an amazing boyfriend, you eat healthy and you exercise because this job that you found is perfect for time-life.
Then someone (the Hr manager for instance) arrives and tells you "due to the economical crisis and in-spite of your good job you are fired".

So here I go again
submitting CV
waking up anxious in the morning
feeling unsafe.

But no matter what I will turn this around, I will find something even better... and then I will look for the positive:

  • I already had a job interview
  • the same day I was told that I was no longer necessary I got another offer (even if payd the half)
  • this can be a new opportunity
  • they gave me 1 month notice so I have 2 more pay checks on my way...

pray for me! 


Wednesday, November 6, 2013

easy home made deodorant with no alchool, no alluminium no junk chemicals

Here the recipe of a effective, easy and healthy deodorant


    • 1 teaspoon of shea butter (raw)
    • 1 teaspoon of baking soda
    • 1 teaspoon of starch (potatoes, corn.. whatever)
    • almond oil or olive oil (optional)
    • essential oil 1 drop, I use mint and lavander
Heat the shea butter in the microwave oven (or in a better healthy way), in a pot mix the baking soda and starch and add the liquefied shea butter (careful, don't burn yourself!) add the E.O and a little bit of almond or olive oil for creamy texture, and you have your creamy healthy deodorant!

I use this almost every day except when I know I have to go to a special event or when I know I am going to sweat a lot.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013



  1. Twilight - Stephanie Mayer
  2. Fifty shades of Gray/Black/Freed - E. L. James
  3. Change your genetic destiny (genotype diet) - Peter D'Adamo
  4. Juice slim - James Vale
  5. The Map - Boni Lonnsburry
  6. Istant Self - Hypnoses - Forbes Blair
  7. The country diary of an edwardian lady - Edith Holden

  1. The twilight saga: twilight
  2. The twilight saga: breaking down pt1 and 2
  3. Queen of the damned
  4. The host (not finished boring)
  5. Bling Ring

Tv shows
  1. Grey's Anatomy
  2. Vampire Diaries
  3. Sons of Anarchy


  • Brand new FOUNTAIN PEN Shneider + sepia ink

              • The country diary of an edwardian lady gifted to me by my mother in law
          • Zara dress with no back for gala things ;)
    • My brand new Philip Juicer
                  • home made deodorant (find the recipe here)

Thursday, October 31, 2013

the pleasure of being alone

I have a soft point for being alone, I kind of have a love and hate relationship with be with myself. I love having a caring and special mate in my life and I am grateful for that, and even tough I love spending time alone, eating directly from the pan, play soft and sad music, write, light my salt lights.. this makes me happy, missing your sweet half, it is a bittersweet feeling, like pain and pleasure together..

But I am sure that when I will turn down the volume, clean the pan and turn of the lights I will miss him to death, hoping that tomorrow arrives very fast! Luckily enough work meeting out of town are rare!

Good night!

Get the mood by listening: such grate heights by Iron and wine