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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Coaching my self: what I want in a new job

I went to a coach once.. I was on the bottom of my life.. I was miserable.. She helped me a great deal. I am grateful for her... She gave me a lot of good tools. I am not ready to share this, but I was suffering a big deal of pressure from my family and I carried a lot of anxiety. She helped me to overcome my situation and to solve things by my self. Independently.

So I am going to coach my self now.. about founding a new job.

they say that to get the perfect result you have to know what you want..

What I want in a JOB?

            • near home, easy to arrive   
      • well payed: > 1,000 Euros Net 
    • good job, good people
  • no more that 8hr in a work week


they say that in order to have what you want you must believe that is doable

Is this doable?

I believe that is doable because I already got this EVERYTIME...Every time I had a job it more or less had this requirement.. BUT

I think that good jobs are always demanding...
so I think that I would like a good job that inspires me but I don't want it to be too demanding, too far away... and I am thinking that I am too choosy and because of this I will have or a good job with ridiculous time amount of work or a near home, life friendly mundane job where my abilities are underemployed...

they say that your reality mirrors your beliefs...

so I want to change this last belief in "It is totally possible to find a time friendly-nearhome-well payed - amazing job!" 

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