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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Nothing is real everything is permitted

This will NOT be a post about JOB, but a post about JOY...

About the small things in life that give us joy even in bad days..

On Sunday we went grocery shopping at the mall (thank you God that in Rome everything is open on Sunday) and we stopped in a used game shop. Fren bought one game for me (Assassins Creed), one for him (don't remember what) and one for us (Army of Two).

I like to play video games, I always had, since Tomb Rider came out.. but when I started to work I suddenly stopped, due to a lot of things I want to do.. Actually I think I remember the day I stopped. It was the day when I bought guitar hero for my wii, and realized that with all the time that I was spending at the time I could actually learn to play guitar.. And I sold my guitar hero kit and bought a real guitar, a red Fender Stratocaster and decided to take classes.. So I pud aside games and did other things for a while (like two years) until yesterday.. I have spent 4 hr playing Assassins Creed.. and totally loved it! I forgot how was good to play.. and how my neck reacts to the stiff position..

I particularly loved the motto of the game: NOTHING IS REAL, EVERYTHING IS PERMITTED.. I think I will make this my own motto, but with a variation


Seems like a lot similar to my philosophy!

Beside my joy in playing games, any one get disturbed sleep after a lot of time in front of a game, or it is just me?

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