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Monday, November 18, 2013

again about job

All my life now is involved in getting a new job. SOON.

I hope that my experience of losing my job will be helpful for other people in the same situation..

I really have a job, that starts in two and a half weeks, BUT

  1. it takes an hour to get there
  2. they pay me the half of what I earn now (and it is not so much)
  3. work time seems to be from 9 to 8 (whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat???)
BUT  (again) it is better that nothing, with this I will pay the rent, and the money to get there. So I have this two weeks to find a new life-friendly position.

So this was/is my plan

  1. Believe I can find something better in a short time (really believe it)
  2. Let go my negative thinking to keep enthusiastic and motivated
  3. Send resume (a LOT), like 6 a day
  4. Call the companies I want to work to and ask if they need someone (all of them)
  5. Ask to everyone if they know about new job positions for my work experience.
I will keep you updated....


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