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Monday, November 11, 2013

life changing days

Sometimes in life you feel safe, you think you have found your peace of mind.. you have your job, you start to write your book, you have an amazing boyfriend, you eat healthy and you exercise because this job that you found is perfect for time-life.
Then someone (the Hr manager for instance) arrives and tells you "due to the economical crisis and in-spite of your good job you are fired".

So here I go again
submitting CV
waking up anxious in the morning
feeling unsafe.

But no matter what I will turn this around, I will find something even better... and then I will look for the positive:

  • I already had a job interview
  • the same day I was told that I was no longer necessary I got another offer (even if payd the half)
  • this can be a new opportunity
  • they gave me 1 month notice so I have 2 more pay checks on my way...

pray for me! 


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