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Monday, October 28, 2013


As anybody else I don't like to have cold or influenza.. I hate when you have that little sore throat and you  find difficult to concentrate or to think straight. But I have found the solution, that works, most of the times.

You want to know it right? 

I have found the cure, an homeopathic cure,  that works wanders for me and not only I discovered, also for my work mate MJ. 
Well I don't know how homeopathy can work, because diluting a thing a lot of times until  little or basically nothing of the original substance is left on the remedy makes no "scientifically sense" to me. I did not believe it, but out of desperation I tried Nelson Coldenza at first sign of a cold, and out of 4 colds 3 resolved in a day. The fourth the cold was strong but in three days I was ok, and able to work and do all my stuff. Coldenza basically is 6c homeopathic potency of Gelsemium sempervirens, but I think that you can have Gelsemium 6c of others brand too.  
So I am totally a fan of homeopathy now =). Before last w.e. my colleague MJ started having a cold so I borrowed her my remedies and even her was skeptic but the next day was ok, so I thought to give this thing some credit. 

Please remember that I am not a doctor nor a practitioner so before taking anything should be better asking your doctor or homeopath. I don't sponsor any pharma company, but if something it is good I'll speak about it!

You have something that works wanders for cold? than share it with me: comment!

Have a nice evening

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