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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

hint on how life/the universe/whatever you want to callit works

I suffer from  bruxism ( a condition where you clench your jaw or grind your teeth at night, waking up with neck pain tooth ache, head ache or a combination) the causes can vary from case to case from problems in closing your mouth properly to repressed emotions and parasites in your belly. I was checked, I had not problems in my mouth nor the parasites, so it must be a thing with my emotions or my relationship to stress. I actually don't feel particularly stressed out: in this site--> Core Energetics, about core energetics are explained what the causes could be and how to deal with it. I think it can give a good explanation of the condition and some info as a start.
In this period I am waking up with my mouth clenched and my neck muscles very tense, and a terrible headache that fade in the mid of the morning and get worst at about six .
So yesterday I was searching for  someone who cured himself from bruxism so that I can get some good hint and do something more than using my bite. Meanwhile I was reading a beautiful post of one of my fav blog, Sarah Wilson blog, in which she was talking self hypnosis (you can read here) and decided to go to Amazon to get one good book about the subject and in my lunch time I bought this one (I will post my review on it). Because I had not a wifi connection and no mobile line I totally forgot about it. This morning I suddenly realized that I had a whole new book to read and no time because I had to go to work so I quickly  red the summary and there it was a self hypnoses script on how to stop grinding your teeth.
This is a good case of serendipity, I was not looking for heal of bruxism but enjoy myself on a new knowledge and I found one possible answer..
BTW I will keep you updated if self hypnosis is yay or nay for me

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