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Thursday, October 24, 2013

New adventure

Hi guys!
Yesterday night I was reading one of my fav novels and the story was sad, the boy left the poor girl to her sake and I was feeling sad too, I got really sad reading the book (yes sad, sad, saaaaad). I think that just for giving strong feelings it was a good book. By the way my boyfriend asked me "why are you looking sad?"  I answered that even if I love my life I would like some magic, mystery and meet some supernatural being, even tough I know that such tings does not exist in reality. Of course I am aware that lots of times reality goes beyond fantasy, but come on, you will never meet a vampire (I mean a real one, that burns in the sun), or a fairy or, I don't know, Shreck! And so he said to me: "then create it! you are full of fantasy, most of the time it seems you seem to live on Mars, so write this damn book! Maybe you can also earn money from it."
At first I was like, yeah right, me? All the books that I love has already been written or movies have been made, and beautiful intriguing characters taken, you know, Vampires (my fav, especially Charlaine Harris), Fairies, Witches, Magicians, oder worlds, Star wars... So I got to sleep and forgot about it.. But this morning my mind took over and I started to fantasize about charterers, location, plot.. It all came super natural (and supernatural, sorry this one was so tempting) to me that I almost fell in love with my she charterer! So I started to write this morning and I am feeling happy because i am loving it! Worst case scenario I would have had some great time for my self.
If you are wandering and a lil worried too, don't I will write it in my own language.. I am not that good in English to write a book, maybe neither to write a blog ;)
Of course and like always I will keep you updated!

You can read me with this song: starting over: feat Ben Bridwell

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